For Let Me In to work you must at the moment have a Mikrotik firewall ;-)

The firewall must be added in to inpadi - GMS - Install script to the firewall here:

:local username "customer/firewallname";
/tool fetch mode=https url="\?routerID=$username&newClient=yes" output=file dst-path="enable-inpadi.rsc";
import file-name=enable-inpadi.rsc;

The customer must also have a domain with a domain controller added to inpadi GMS.

PLEASE NOTE: Firewall and DC must be in same customer!!!


On the DC - you must create a folder called letmein (save job in GMS on dc: mkdir::letmein)
In this folder you must have some resource files:


the firewall that we must send the address list open to

The name of the address list on the router

the file that contains instructions to the user

an image you would like to present your application to the enduser.


Final - you need to inform inpadi ( that you would like to have letmein access enabled for the domain controler.