aaa. inpadi Services Overview

inpadi is a cloud based service and client management tool to do installation, patching and discontinuatrion of client computers.

Clients requires an installation of the "inpadi Agent" to do communication and for running scripts and jobs. The agent is automaticly installed when a client is installed with the "inpadi Reinstal". For existing and running clients the agent can be installed through a script or downloaded as an install package.

The cloud for "inpadi Services" is hosted and driven by inpadi ApS.

From the "inpadi Services" administration system "inpadi GMS", its possible to do backup, monitoring, appplication installation, application patching, running scripts or jobs once or scheduled, compliance reports, license inventory .....

To access inpadi GMS access - login with provided username and password.
Please note that there is SMS validation and it's only possible to use the management tools from a single IP - if you login from several IP's then you will block access from the first IP.
There is a limit on 5 login attemps including SMS validation - If failed to provide correct credentials you are blocked for 15 minutes. If access the login page is tried before the 15 minutes is passed - then the timer is restarts to 15 minutes!
15 minutes after the last failed login, the failed login count is reset - even if you have a successful login, then it keeps the failed login count till it expires.

When entered the main views in "inpadi GMS" is (per selected company):


This view shows monitoring alerts. To acknowledge an alert ....


Shows monitored systems and status.

GMS - General Management System

This is the main administration view. From here there is access to manage clients, software scripts etc.

AD Admin

Shows Windows AD Domain users.

System Status

Shows all systems with posibillity to selecet list information investigate system information.


Shows all detected software and count.

Compliance status

Shows if compliance requirements is meet.


Shows client backup status

Incident Management

Can be used to document and register incidents.


Shows the license count for company. There is a total count and a count for the last 31 days and managing partner is shown if any.