baa. inpadi Agent

The client side of inpadi services is the "inpadi Agent". Its responsiple for commincation with the server and executes jobs and scripts queued on the server.

The inpadi Agent checks for queued jobs every 10 second (Nextjob.txt on the queue). If "Nextjob.txt" exists its downloaded, renamed to "JobId".cmd, executed and log is returned to the server as "JobId".log.
The "JobId" i set with the keyword "JobID=" in the script. If not set the "Nextjob" is used.

As a part of the agent a Watchdog is installed. The watchdog is checks if the inpadi Agent is running, and starts it if its not started. The Watchdog also reports to the server.

The inpadi Agent is responsible for starting other tasks like monitoring, performance etc. when theses services are configured.

The agent updates it self when updates are released by inpadi ApS.
If a proxy setup is needed for inpadi Agent to access the internet, then use the following commands:
setx HTTP_PROXY http://server:port /m
setx HTTP_PROXY http://server:port