bac. inpadi installID

It's possible to remte install computers with inpadi agent installed on.

Identification of clients are done with inpadi install id "IID" which can be either a hardware ID contaning vendor, serial, mac addresses and other hardware ID (First option) - or it can be a vendor name, serial and secret token written on the boot media (Second option).

The first option with the hardware id automatic generated by inpadi install client, in some cases it can fail, f.x. if the computer is put into a dock that it was not in when the hardware ID was generated.

The second option is ment to be and option where you know the vendor and serial of a computer that you might not have you (ex. new computers added to company).
For this option to be used, there is a need for a secret file on the root of the bootmedia (USB Drive, fixed disk etc.) that is called: Inpadi_Install_ID.Secret
The same file must exist on the root of the compay profile in GMS.The file must only contain a single line contaning the secret.