bda. inpadi GMS - Folders, profiles and job editor

inpadi GMS structure

inpadi GMS is build on a containers/folder structure. The left pane consists of company (root folder), systems (clients), and inpadi system folders.

This structure is also used when searching for alert profiles, compliance etc. The search is always most specific going to company defaults, this means client, profiles and then company settings.

The system folders are:

ReInstall - Folder for software scripts and deployment profiles.
Reinstall can holds profiles - they appear as subfolders and is dsisplayed to the left pane when using "inpadi ReInstall".
To make new profiles, you should enter/select ReInstall, and using the job editor use the following syntax in jobid field: mkdir::profilename (example: mkdir::Office2016PCs).
When selecting a profile running "inpadi Reinstall" - The client will recieve all the current jobs that are placed in the selected profiles folder.
Adding new jobs to the profile will be pushed to all the clients that are a member of the profile.
To see what profiles a client is member of, enter client and the profiles are listed under "Folders" as profilename.profile - if you want to remove a client from a profile - just delete the profilename.profile item.
ReInstall_ADGrooups - Used for AD controlled software installation.
ReInstall_OS - Folder for OS installation scripts.
Templates - Scripts saved here appears in the right side of the job editor.
_DocHtml - Container to be used for documentation etc. 
_Graveyard - Bin used for old clients, scripts etc.
_Software - Folder for scripts, install packages and images.



inpadi GMS Job Editor

I will here try to give a few use examples of how you can use the GMS interface.

First of all: The system does not ask if you are sure! - If you mess with a script or delete it - it might stop working.

You have a list of the systems and GMS system folders in the left side og the page.
The next row you see is the content of the selected folder/server.
To the right you see a Jobid, template and editor window.

There is quite a few places in GMS you need to know how to use, the interface is build for technical/super users.

Lets start with the system folders:

_Software: This folder is for you to upload scripts and install files you need - current there is a upload limit on arround 200MB.
ReInstall: This folder is for install scripts when you deploy a new computer.
ReInstall_OS: This folder is for installation scripts for operative systems.
ReInstall_ADGroups: This folder is if you use you AD to control software installation.
Templates: This folder is for templates - the dropdown list in the right side.
_Graveyard: This folder is for old computers and deleted profiles etc.
_DocHtml: This folder is just for you if you need a place to write notes or similar.


Note: _Graveyard will contain deleted and reinstalled computers, profiles and other system object that could be interesting to restore, items in _Graveyard will expire after 3 months.
@note_to_dev - code function to remove old _Graveyard items.

For more information on how to write a client job see: GMS_Job_Script