bfa. inpadi GMS Compliance

If a file in custommer root called Compliance.txt thet everytime the client reports ComputerInfo_windows.Report into the GMS server it will be evaulated against each line in the Compliance.txt file.

If all lines is found then the client is compliant - else not.

You can f.x. take the antivirus scanner service and running status and use that to check if all antivirus clients are installed and running.

If you need to force the client to report ComputerInfo_windows.Report, the just remove it from the clients DoneJob folder and the client will rerun the report within a minute.


If a Compliance.txt file is placed within a profile folder and the client is member of the profile it will be added to the clients compliance check.

You can execute scripts if compliance checks fails - just append * to the compliance check and a script name.
All scripts MUST be in the ReInstall folder - it's OK to use Profile folder for scripts!
Example: Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus*Office365DK/1.9.Office365dk.que
Above example says if Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is NOT found it scould copy the job Office365DK/1.9.Office365dk.que from ReInstall folder to the client.



|| means or and is evealuatet in the compliance string.
ex: Windows 10 Pro||Windows 10 Home

!! means NOT and must be in the beginning of the string
ex: !!Windows Vista

?? means if.
ex: ??Windows 10 Pro??Build 1809

you CANNOT combine the rules! but you can still execute scripts if the not return true.
ex: !!Adobe Reader*Uninstall_Adobe_Reader.que
ex: Windows Defender||Symantec Antivirus||Sophos||Chili*install_AV.que


If you need to run compliance check for more that the default allowes you to check you can append your own checks in a script named: cdc.cmd
It must be placed in _Software or client root folder - client root folder overrides _Software.
The cdc.cmd script is just a normal command line script.