xac. inpadi Password Reset service

Self service password reset for domain user (Customers Active Directory).

If enabled, inpadi customers can use a self service to reset their AD domain password.
Customer must have Microsoft Active Directory and a domain controller with a inpadi Agen installed.
Customers domain controller must be enabled in "_DomainControllers_ForPasswordHelp" on inpadi GMS users.
Users must have e-mail address and cell phone number specifyed in the MS Active Directory.
This can be verified through the inpadi GMS view - "AD Admin".
From here its possible to set email, cell number, and enable/disable user logon privilege.
How to use the Password Reset service:
1. Go to self-service URL - https://gms.inpadi.dk/selfservice or https://gms.inpadi.dk and select "Password Reset"
2. Enter users e-mail address and submit.
3. inpadi GMS looksup email address, find users cell number and if found sends a link to the cell phone.
4. On the phoene, open the link and enter a new password (twice - Remember to pw have to be in line with company password policies) and submit.
5. inpadi GMS sends the password change request to the assosciated AD domain controller for validation and changing.
6, Wait until acknolwedge on password change is successfull or retry from option 4.
7. The user should now be able to log in with the new password. Please note that there may be some delay to process and distribute the change request.