Time View is a consensus time action service in inpadi.

The time consensus is calculated from at least 100 online clientes (if there is less than 100 online clients consensus time is skipped).
Consensus time is the avarage time of the mid 60% of all online clients in inpadi.

The time diff between clients and consensus time can be seen in Time View

If you would like a action to occour if time is too wrong on client you can add a file (Time.Action) under the given client.

The file must look like this example:

$timediff > 600*shutdown -s -t 1 -f
$timediff < -600*shutdown -s -t 1 -f


$timediff is the variable holding the current diff value.

After the * on each line the wanted command on the client is executed - the above example says if the client is more or less than 600 seconds off the consensus time the client is shut down.

Please note - it's a good idea to keep at least one sesond for shutdown time in the shutdown command as we have seens clients shutting down with 0 seconds leaving the shutdown job on the server - this results in the client is shut down after it's started again.