inpadi iping.exe utility

inpadi ping statistics utility v.1.1 - Freeware - - THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS"
Program parameters can be put into config.txt file in same folder as iping.exe file.
Program can be installed as a service: sc create iping binPath= "C:\Users\LocalUser\iping\iping.exe" start= auto
Usage:   iping.exe [ip] [ip] [...] [-log]
Example: iping -log

-log parameter
The -log parameter saves the last 1 minute stats in a logfile placed in same folder as iping.exe tool.

Run as service
The program supports to be run as a service - see the example if just run iping.exe
Please note the config.txt file must not exist as the program else will run instead og showing help.

When using config.txt each parameter must be entered on seperate lines. Example: